DAOs and DeFi are experiencing rapid growth and interest. In the DAO-Fi Fusion hackathon, you get an exciting opportunity to showcase your skills and creativity by building innovative and useful solutions using Sophia Smart Contracts on the æternity blockchain!

Developers from all over the globe are encouraged to contribute to this emerging space and help shape the future of decentralized finance and organizations.

Empower the community!

We are looking for smart individuals and teams, from all over the world, who excel at functional programming. Empower the community by creating tools & frameworks that allow everybody to easily create and manage DAOs for decentralized decision making on æternity - one of the most advanced blockchains in the entire industry!

Your solution should ideally consider DeFi aspects (e.g. treasury management) and allow to enforce decisions (e.g. payouts) on-chain.

æternity was built from scratch and ships its own unique Virtual Machine (FATE VM) that executes Smart Contracts with almost zero gas fees! The Smart Contracts are written in a novel and functional language called Sophia.

Make yourself familiar with the technology and take this unique opportunity to:

  • learn more about DAOs & DeFi

  • have fun working together in a meaningful challenge that has an impact on the whole ecosystem
  • become a well-recognized and valued community member

  • improve your developer skills & become an expert in writing Smart Contracts in Sophia

  • win the main prize of $ 20,000!

Hackathon Timeline

Date Event Details
14.03.2023 Registration open Sign up, join the community, find a team, generate an idea & start hæcking!
14.05.2023 Submission Deadline Complete the submission form BEFORE 12:00 PM CEST
Technical Reviews Experienced æternity contributors will perform a technical review and the results determine the winners of the best 5 technical implementations.
Judging The judges will rate the submissions according to the judging criteria and the combined results will determine the 3 main winners.
25.05.2023 Community Live Event Begin: 1:30 PM CEST
End: 3:30 PM CEST (approximately)

Announcement of the winners.

Pitch your solution in 3 minutes and convince the community to vote for your submission in the Community Award poll!
Community Award: Voting A poll will be created in the æternity Forum. It will be open for 24 hours and the submission which receives the most votes wins the Community Award!

Checkpoint Events

During the hackathon there will be so-called checkpoint events where the whole community including the hackathon participants is invited to join!

Date Time Title Slides
Tue, 28.03.2023 3 - 5 PM CEST Ready, set, CODE! / Innovate for æternity Show
Tue, 11.04.2023 3 - 3:45 PM CEST DAO meets DeFi! / Keep your DAO treasury safe and diversified Show
Tue, 02.05.2023 3 - 3:45 PM CEST Hæckers' Hangout / Relax & Enjoy! n/a
Fri, 12.05.2023 3 - 3:45 PM CEST The final PUSH / What's next? Show

Technical Reviews: Feedback from experienced æternity contributors!

Right after the submission deadline has passed and eligible submissons have been determined, selected experienced æternity contributors will perform a technical review and value the project based on specific criteria (see rules).

Community Live Event & Winner Announcement

Once the technical review is finished, the judges will screen and judge the submissions by taking the technical review as well as other criteria (see judging criteria) into consideration. The combined feedback of all judges will determine the 3 main winners.

Every project gets the chance to pitch its solution in the Community Event to the community. This is also the place where in the beginning the 3 main winners will be announced. Be prepared and convince the community to vote for your submission in the Community Award poll!

Community Award

Right after the live community event, a poll will be created in the æternity forum. To prevent cheating, the poll will be conducted in a special category where only community members who own specific badges can participate.

The poll will be open for 24 hours and the submission which receives the most votes wins the Community Award!

æternity - A Blockchain for All

Engineered to scale and last, æternity is an easily accessible blockchain platform for the global public. With numerous innovative functionalities and performance far ahead of earlier blockchains, æternity allows its users and community to seamlessly venture into the new era of society, economy, and digital interactions.

At its core, æternity is a blockchain protocol and a smart contract platform that goes beyond what traditional blockchains do. It is designed to be fault-tolerant and perfect for cases with billions of transactions in DeFi and more.

Feature Highlights:

  • ÆNS (æternity naming system) provides secure, human-readable names
  • Generalized Accounts allow developers to flexibly program more security and better user experiences by replacing the authorization logic of a regular account
  • Hyperchains (coming soon) as a new consensus mechanism that allows for further on-chain scaling and the ability for anyone to launch their own private or public æternity-style sidechain without needing any permission
  • Meta-Transactions (via PayingForTx) allow applications to provide a frictionless user-onboarding by covering the tx-fees of their users
  • Oracles provide a secure and cost-effective way to access real-world data without the need for third-party solutions
  • Smart Contracts written in a novel functional programming language Sophia and executed by a unique Virtual Machine (FATE VM)
  • State Channels as an off-chain scaling solution provides increased privacy, speed and cost efficiency

Read more at https://aeternity.com!


Build an application that allows users to create and manage DAOs (powered by Sophia Smart Contracts) with their Superhero Wallet at least on æternity testnet (preferably also mainnet) via an user interface.

Submission requirements/deliverables

  • Project name and a list of all team members

  • A description of what your project does and why you decided to build it

  • Demo video

    • should be around 3 minutes long and include a demo of your working project

    • must be made publicly visible

  • Public GitHub code repository which includes:

    • Meaningful README

    • Service(s) and/or application(s) that allow users to create and manage a DAO at least on æternity testnet (preferrably also mainnet) via an user interface by connecting with their Superhero Wallet
    • Instructions how to run the service(s) and/or application(s)

  • A URL to the publicly hosted application that allows judges to test during the juding period

Hackathon Sponsors


$50,000 in prizes
Cryptocurrency logo Prizes paid in cryptocurrency

1st place
Cryptocurrency logo

$20,000 paid in AE

2nd place
Cryptocurrency logo

$15,000 paid in AE

3rd place
Cryptocurrency logo

$7,500 paid in AE

The 5 best technical implementations (5)
Cryptocurrency logo

Each winner receives $1,000 paid in AE

Community Award
Cryptocurrency logo

$2,500 paid in AE

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Yanislav Malahov

Yanislav Malahov
Founder of æternity

Florian Glatz

Florian Glatz
Founder of Common Ground & Vice President of the European Crypto Initiative

Henning Diedrich

Henning Diedrich
Inventor of Lexon

Arjan van Eersel
CTO of PlanDail Limited

Milen Radkov

Milen Radkov
Founder @ hack.bg

Nikita Fuchs

Nikita Fuchs
Developer Tools Engineer / æLabs

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Implementation (40%)
    Experienced æternity contributors will perform a technical review on each project. These reviews will be published and considered by judges to pick the winning team. Smart Contracts are a MUST and a high test coverage of these is desired.
  • Impact and Usefulness (30%)
    Does the project make a significant impact in the æternity ecosystem? How big is the overall market potential of the project?
  • User Experience (20%)
    How useable is your project? Does it look nice? Does it accomplish what it's set out to do in an easy to use and approachable way?
  • Presentation and Communication (10%)
    The quality of the project presentation and how well the team communicates the idea. The presentation should be clear, concise, and engaging. Show the community who you are and why your project should win!

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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