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5 months ago

Tooling updates: SDK, CLI, Contracts Editor, AEproject & boilerplates!

Dear Hæcker!

We have some important updates for you in regards to the developer tools. It is recommended to update to migrate your applications accordingly.


The long awaited v13.0.0 major release has been released. It introduces breaking changes, resolves an important issue with ACI consistency and avoids usage of the Sophia HTTP compiler, that will be deprecated in the future.

Small bugs have also been fixed quickly with v13.0.1.


For the CLI lovers out there we recently rolled out v5.0.0 which introduces a lot of bug fixes and new features.

Contracts Editor

In case you quickly wanna start developing / prototyping a Sophia Smart Contract in the browser, you should check out the latest version of the Contracts Editor, which now also also generates and displays you the according ACI of the contract that you can use in your application to interact with a deployed Smart Contract.


  • The alternative online editor AEstudio is currently outdated, so we recommend you to use the Contracts Editor.
  • It is also possible to use GitPod to have a full VSCode IDE running in the browser that includes Sophia Syntax Highlighting and has aeproject pre-installed. Reach out to Marco if you wanna learn more about this!


The v4.6.0 of AEproject, the Smart Contract deveopment framework for æternity, ships 2 important updates:

  • ARM64/Apple Silicon support
  • Upgrade to SDK v13

Especially the ARM64/Apple Silicon support has been awaited for a long time.


The aepp-boilerplates showcase how to interact with Superhero Wallet in different web frameworks and have also been updated recently to use the latest SDK v13.

There exist boilerplates for Angular, React and Vue.


Best regards,

Marco & Thanh

Event Managers of aeLabs