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5 months ago

Final call for submissions: 24h left

Dear Hæcker,

Time is flying by and we are 24h away from the submission deadline for our hackathon! As a friendly reminder, the deadline for all project submissions is May 14th 12pm CEST, so make sure to:

  • Create a GitHub repository and choose an appropriate license!
  • Publish your code
  • Upload your submission on DevPost and include important information about your project.

Being Open Source is vital in driving innovation and creating opportunities for collaboration, which is why it is a core requirement to make your project accessible to the public.

Please consider to check the slides of The final PUSH // What's next? to read more about the requirements and make sure that you satisfy the needs of the Technical Reviewers and Judges!

We hope that you have found our previous Checkpoints to be helpful. If you have any questions, please refer to the content of those materials. However, if you still require any assistance, we are more than happy to help you on the Forum or on Discord.

Don't let time slip away - get ready to sprint and submit your best work before the deadline! We are excited to see what you have in store for us.

Note: Please remember to check the rules and submission requirements to ensure that your project meets all the necessary criteria. We want to make sure that every submission has a fair chance to compete.

Best regards,

Marco & Thanh

Eventmanager of æLabs